Amy and baby Indiana

I have been a regular client of Adele’s over the last 5 years and continued my regular massages during my pregnancy. Over the second half of my pregnancy I found having regular massages benefited my ever changing body, my general wellbeing and keeping me both relaxed and more in touch with my baby. It also helped with my sleep patterns and we all know we need all the help we can get in this area!

Adele’s pregnancy specific massage strokes were so relaxing that I felt incredibly peaceful and tuned into my baby’s movements. At the end of the session I felt wonderful – and it was comforting to know that my baby had enjoyed the experience as much as I had!

Adele has always been very professional and explained everything that would be done during the treatment and I would highly recommend her to any mum to be, whether to ease ailments or just for wellbeing.

Juliana and baby Lenny

I have known Adele for three years and two pregnancies now and her magic soothing hands have brought great relief to all the discomforts and pains that come with pregnancy as well as breast feeding and caring for little ones.

She creates this really cozy and comfortable environment with perfect lighting, scents and sounds that make it really easy for you to just switch off and drift away. She is a great therapist and she really knows what she is doing so all you have to do is close your eyes and enjoy the journey.



Adele of Inner Wave Therapies has been my first-choice massage therapist for the past eight years. She sets the bar high. Simply said, she has the gifted touch and sets you at ease immediately.

After a massage with Adele I leave feeling relaxed, nurtured and restored. Through years of massaging she intuitively knows where my body needs the most attention and every knot is attended to with the utmost care.

Every comfort is afforded to you during the treatment: beautiful smelling oils, soothing music and a very comfortable table. It makes the process of unwinding easy.

As a yoga teacher it is vital that I take care of my body and believe that Adele is a wise investment that contributes to my wellbeing. A regular monthly massage keeps my body moving well.


Annie and baby Orla

Adele massaged me from week 17 of my pregnancy and I am due in 3 weeks time. I have suffered with postural problems in my neck and shoulders for many years, Adele managed to give me such relief from the soreness and I felt greatly relaxed afterwards.

I live a busy and at times stressful life and the time with Adele was a real escape from the pressures around me. I feel nurtured, safe and blissfully relaxed when I am being massaged by Adele. I would highly recommend her services and I have completely reaped the benefits of pregnancy massage and am looking forward to the birth of my baby girl soon.