A personal message

"It is an absolute joy to share the many benefits of pregnancy massage with women, from easing pain in the groin, hips and ribs to helping hormonal headaches and reducing swollen ankles."

I am a certified NurtureLife® practitioner with Pregnancy Massage Australia and have had the privilege of caring for many women throughout their pregnancies.

My knowledge spans over ten years and encompasses modalities such as reflexology, sports, myofascial and remedial massage training.

Simply call me on 0401 061 848 to make an appointment and receive specialist, safe massage techniques when you need it the most.

I’ve a wide variety of techniques and a style that has developed from my varied training that encompasses deep myofascial work, the flow of kahuna massage, breath work, reiki and visualisation. I believe in consistent education and enjoy learning new skills to better treat my clients.

In health and well-being”

Adele xx